About Us

ISSN 2640-6519


The Muma Case Review (MCR) is a peer reviewed journal whose mission is to publish high quality peer reviewed open access discussion cases and technical notes.


The MCR publishes one volume each year. Each case and technical note published receives its own number within the volume, based on the order of publication. Cases are published electronically upon acceptance.

Because faculty members generally select discussion cases individually, for a specific purpose within their curriculum, the MCR does not publish a printed volume. In conjunction with the Muma Business Press, however, it may publish printed collections of case studies from time-to-time.


The operations and publications of the MCR are supported by the Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida. The journal’s peer review system is maintained by the Informing Science Institute.

To contact the editorial staff, please use the journal’s Contact Us page.


The journal encourages participation from authors and reviewers from around the globe. Additional information on contributing cases as an author can be found on the Authors page. Additional information on participating as a reviewer can be found on the Reviewers page.