What is a Discussion Case?

The Muma Case Review publishes discussion cases and associated technical notes. Because discussion cases are just one of many types of case study, it is important for readers and authors to understand the distinction if they are to make effective use of MCR. A video introducing discussion cases can be found at Introduction to Discussion Cases

A table describing some different categories of case studies, published in Informing with the Case Method, follows.

Type of Case Objectives and Description
Research Objective is to examine cause and effect, typically in a situation where phenomenon being observed are too complex for controlled experiment. May be single case or part of a collection of cases.
Discussion Objective is to create a case study that can be used as the basis for class discussion. Typically, such cases present a situation which requires discussants develop and/or evaluate solutions.
Illustration Objective is to provide a concrete example of some phenomenon of interest, with the objective of creating a more lasting impression than could be achieved with a more abstract form of presentation.
Walkthrough Objective is to provide an example of the analytical process (quantitative or qualitative) that is appropriate for a particular situation, often used within the context of a lecture.
Exercise Objective is to present a contextually rich situation that can be analyzed using to one or more approaches. It is similar to the traditional word problem in intent.