Claiming Financial Power: The Women’s Money Empowerment Network Was Positioned

As founder of the Women’s Money Empowerment Network (WoMEN), Dr. Laura Mattia she was worried that others were getting close to her platform idea in the financial services marketplace. She was thinking that it was finally time to launch her brand and dream in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion.

A decisive step forward must be taken or a potential competitor could steal her platform idea. How could she make the brand WoMEN come alive, achieve continued success as a full-time financial planning instructor, and still be close to her clients as a planner? While she had product and service concepts developed, one major decision had to be made. She thought, to which segment of the market can I deliver a great value proposition? The business ideas require personal branding and I am only one person, so which target, and delivery mechanism, is my priority?

Authors: Mark J Mattia


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Mattia, M.J. (2019). Claiming financial power: The Women’s Money Empowerment Network was positioned. Muma Case Review 4(9). 1-21.