A Tough Decision: Auditwerx, LLC vs. COVID-19

As the year 2020 rolled in, COVID-19 headlined all the news forums. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) was a virus that crippled the world by either infecting or killing millions of people, and the United States (US) did not go unscathed. With an alarmingly high rate of infection, the US government was asking non-essential companies to temporarily close their doors and cease services. Americans were told by national and local officials to “stay safe at home”. Due to the precautions that were put in place to lower the curve of people infected with COVID- 19, Stacy Martin, CEO and Partner for Auditwerx. had begun seeing a reduction in sales and fewer clients not re-engaging with Auditwerx. for services. The decrease in revenue and delayed collection of outstanding receivables was making it increasingly difficult for Auditwerx. to stay on budget. Due to the declining incoming business, Stacy Martin was faced with the challenge of how to contend with maintaining a successful budget during this globally devastating black swan event.

Author: Catrina Hopkins

Link: https://doi.org/10.28945/4732

Cite As: Hopkins, C. (2021). A tough decision: Auditwerx, LLC vs. COVID-19. Muma Case Review 6(8). 1-23. https://doi.org/10.28945/4732