Automation: The Silver Bullet of Biotherapeutic Manufacturing?

Cell therapy process development is an important area of focus for the biotherapeutics industry, as it involves the development of complex and novel therapies that have the potential to treat a range of diseases.

There are several key issues that the industry faces in the process of developing cell therapies that include scalability, process reproducibility, labor intensive process, regulatory compliance, supply chain management and cost. Overall, the biotherapeutics industry faces significant challenges in the development of cell therapies that many companies are facing.

Authors: Heath Campbell, Krithika Kodumudi, Adelajda Mustafaraj, Justin Roberts, James Wilkendorf


Cite As: Campbell, H., Kodumudi, K., Mustafaraj, A., Roberts, J., & Wilkendorf, J. (2023). Automation: The silver bullet of biotherapeutic manufacturing? Muma Case Review 8(5). 1-23.