Glazer Children’s Museum

In May 2016, Jennifer Stancil, the new president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Glazer Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida was considering further steps to take toward her goal of making the downtown museum an educational and entertainment destination for children and their families. The CEO had been hired on November 23, 2015 with a mandate to rebrand the museum as a world-class learning environment for children and families.

Stancil was hired with a mandate to rebrand the museum as a world-class learning environment for children and families. A winner of Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2012 Nonprofit Organization of the Year, the museum was well respected, and its location was excellent. Money was pouring into downtown Tampa, with construction projects in all corners of the city. Stancil continued to follow the same strategic pillars first initiated in 2012 from the previous museum leadership. She expected to capitalize on the sense of renewed energy all around. Still, as Stancil closed the “Motherhood” article on her PC and brought up a file needed for her next meeting, her thoughts turned to challenges. Visitor volume, memberships, and donations had not yet reached their targets. It seemed that Glazer Children’s Museum was not yet top-of-mind, either for tourists or Tampa-area families. Parents could choose from among many alternative local venues for a day out with their children.

Executing the new strategic plan would require a concerted effort. In a recent staff meeting Stancil had stated that she aspired to make Glazer Children’s Museum a “world-class” destination for families, and that one of the keys to making that aspiration a reality was a partnership with members of the community.

“When I accepted this position last November, I knew we needed to clearly define our brand. We also needed to work closely with the community– including our members, competitors and partners –to define our meaning and value. To achieve those goals, we need to listen, ask, and look at models of profit and non-profit organizations in the museum world and other industries”

Authors: Vjollca Hysenlika & Loran Jarrett


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Hysenlika, V. & Jarrett, L. (2019). Glazer Children’s Museum. Muma Case Review 4(8). 1-19.