LifeInsure: Choosing a Product Administration System to Manage Their Product Lifecycle

Joseph Bromer, Head of IT Solutions Delivery at LifeInsure Emerging Markets, deliberated on a challenge that he had just been given. TIBCO, a vendor supporting ObjectStar, notified LifeInsure that support for the application would cease at the end of 2017. ObjectStar was the Product Administration System (PAS) system used by LifeInsure. The ObjectStar platform was called Alpha and was used in over 200 applications. There were a number of risks, which added more pressure including the scarcity of skills and an aging workforce, but the key risk related to this was the lack of ongoing support.

Authors:Kaasiefa Gasant, Jean-Paul Van Belle


Cite as: Gasant, K. and Van Belle, J.P. (2017). LifeInsure: Choosing a product administration system to manage their product lifecycle. Muma Case Review, 2(5). 1-25.