Managing Integration Technology Options: Datapower at Woolworths South Africa

Tshepo Manaka, an analyst programmer in the integration team at Woolworths Holdings, South Africa, was responsible for development and configuration of the DataPower appliance. The DataPower appliance was used for integration of data between Woolworths South Africa and external units; it worked as a multi-protocol gateway.

Three months after the integration of Woolworths South Africa with the Australian retailer David Jones, Tshepo observed that there were frequently large volumes of data being transferred at Woolworths that were causing low DataPower disk space resulting in integration issues and violations of the Service-level Agreement. He had to figure out how the diminishing of the DataPower disk space could be resolved.

Author: Tshepo Manaka


Cite as:
Manaka, T. (2018). Managing integration technology options: Datapower at Woolworths South Africa. Muma Case Review 3(16). 1-20.