Pivotal Decisions in Outsourcing

This discussion case follows a manager of IT for a global mattress manufacturer as he contemplates a decision surrounding conflicting feedback regarding a IT vendor named Pivotal IT. The case may be taught in both undergraduate (upper level) and graduate courses.

In February 2015, Harrison Northman was in Colorado preparing funeral arrangements for his mother who had just passed away due to a prolonged illness. He took a break from this very stressful activity to check in with the office. As Group ICT Infrastructure Manager for premium mattress fabric manufacturer DesleeClama NV (DCGroup), Northman was responsible for all computing technology, networking and communications encompassing all business units globally.

At one point, Northman shook his head in frustration as he listened to missed messages. Gene Corn, Warehouse Manager of the Inman, SC unit, left several. Each message grew more desperate in tone than the previous with the last one exclaiming “…the scanners are down and I can’t get in touch with anyone! Help!” Before returning the call, Northman pondered “Why was Pivotal not responding?”

Author: Grover C. Walters


Cite as:
Walters, G.C. (2019). Pivotal decisions in outsourcing. Muma Case Review 4(4). 1-29. https://doi.org/10.28945/4124