Signature Healthcare – Where Did the Caregivers Go?

Christine Busby stood in her office and stared at a blank whiteboard. She asked herself, “Where do I start?” with a marker in hand. Christine had a front-row seat in changing how the skilled nursing facility (SNF) industry does business. There were several complicated factors, multiple rules and regulations to navigate, little money, and no time to execute this colossal change. To add to the stress, she worked for a company known for its innovation and was often a first mover. So, all eyes were on Christine as she figured out how to save an industry.

Authors: Paula Durspek, Archie Hill, George Makdisi, Richard Mauro, Jernard Woodard


Cite As: Durspek, P. et al. (2022). Signature Healthcare – Where did the caregivers go? Muma Case Review 7(8). 1-15.