The Gnarly Dilemma – To Launch or Not

Bill Lumbergh, the Sr. Director of Product Strategy for Initech, peered through the window in his office after finishing a design review meeting for the latest release of the company’s flagship software TPS SOLUTION.

During this meeting, major product issues were revealed which could put the reputation of Initech at risk and, potentially, harm patients receiving radiation therapy. Bill and his software teams had embarked on a complete redesign of TPS SOLUTION’s architecture. The redesign, which had starved TPS SOLUTION’s customers of new features for the past 18 months (about 1 and a half years), was now behind schedule.

Authors: Jerret Giammichele, Pilip Haurysheu, Nathan Pell, Marissa Shearer, Christopher Streich, Kevin Thomas


Cite As: Giammichele, J., Haurysheu, P., Pell, N., Shearer, M., Streich, C. & Thomas, K. (2023). The gnarly dilemma – To launch or not. Muma Case Review 8(6). 1-14.