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To Stay True or Take the Mass Market Route?

Greg founded TAB Group Pte. Ltd. in 2019 to serve the corporate and private events market. Greg wanted to curate unique events with selected vendors and roll out these events using a seamless and transparent process for customers. Response was good and TAB was ready to scale up. Then Covid-19 struck in December 2019.

When Caddy’s Went Viral

With the sun losing its glare and now appearing as a beautiful orange orb just above the distant horizon where the sky meets the sea, Barry O’Connor thought to himself, “This is as close to paradise as you can get.” Yet, the vast empty sea of white sand surrounding him told a very different story. It …

Curating Authentic Hospitality in a Local Boutique Hotel

Hotel A served the boutique hotel segment. Rather than focusing on market segments in Singapore’s hotel chain scale system, the management decided to offer guests an affordable luxury experience via excellent personalized service while capitalizing on the rich and authentic cultural heritage that the hotel offered in terms of history and design. Although Hotel A …