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Tapping into Opportunity beyond South Africa for Small Business Expansion

Masana Twala and Emily Brown, the co-founders of ME Data Services (MEDS), believed they had identified an excellent opportunity in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) domain. They were excited to set their idea in motion and, as many technology services entrepreneurs do, they feared that if they did not act promptly they could lose this …

Hammering Yammer

Chris Milan, Managing Director of Southeastern Region at Tribridge, Inc., is considering the installation and implementation of the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) Yammer. He has to decide whether to go forward and, if he does, how to implement it and what it can be expected to achieve.

The Fate of a Legendary Practice

Calvin Jones, DMD, had bought into a successful practice that now seemed to be falling apart around issues such as questionable spending. His partner had just informed him that he wanted to dissolve their business relationship. Was there still a way to salvage the relationship? What could Dr. Calvin Jones do?

Divide or Converge?

Should Mission Critical Solutions (MCS) stay converged in a functional organization strategy with capability-based teams, or organize into separate standalone entities with unique identities and separate overheads, focusing more on the individual capability-based technology specialization?