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A Dedication that Drives the Growth

As the sun went down on a Friday evening and everyone in the office started rushing home, Michael Eisenberg, logistics manager at World Direct Shipping, LLC (WDS), found himself glued to his desktop. He kept his glasses down on the table and stared at the whiteboard in the boardroom. He envisioned how one wrong data …

Transformation of Business Using Gamification

Mike Joshi (MJ) – IT Director of ABC Corp (ABC) just got done with a meeting with Bob – Executive Vice President of Global Field Operations and Assurance for ABC Corp. MJ was asked to improve the output of ABC Corp’s current workforce to stay competitive in the hyper competitive telecommunications sector using technology. Bob …

Pivotal Decisions in Outsourcing

This discussion case follows a manager of IT for a global mattress manufacturer as he contemplates a decision surrounding conflicting feedback regarding a IT vendor named Pivotal IT. The case may be taught in both undergraduate (upper level) and graduate courses.

How to Fill the Holes in Mining Inventory?

JoAnn put down the inventory reports of four Mosaic mines that she had been contemplating. Much of the raw material for the company’s phosphate fertilizer production was mined and processed at these Florida facilities. Keeping track of the vast array of equipment, parts, and supplies required to operate the mines had become an issue.

Secure Data Integration in a Cloud Environment

Honeywell was an industry leader in the aerospace market for both government and commercial needs, and had a proud history of making best-in-class products for a wide range of customers. Mike Brutsman, senior project manager, thought, “We have great data, great analysts, and great products. Why can’t we provide better and timelier project data to …

University of South Africa: Change Management and Leadership for Open Distance And E-Learning

Antonia Makina, an education consultant in the Directorate for Curriculum and Learning Development at the University of South Africa (UNISA), was assigned the task of recommending a theoretical guideline for adoption by the management of the university in its quest to implement Open Distance E-learning (ODeL) at the university.